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Jessi Rodríguez from ‘Despierta América’: Girlfriend by day, Top Model by night

Jessica Rodríguez as girlfriend and Top Model

Photo: Despierta América/Latin Icons / Courtesy

jessi rodriguezthe youngest presenter of ‘Despierta América’, became a girlfriend by day and a Top Model by night… Yes, it is not about the title of a series or a new segment of the Univision morning show, but what happened to him in real life.

This week, in which ‘Despierta América’ redoubled its commitment to what it presented in the show, had a wedding dress parade, where Jessi, who is in a relationship and very happy with her boyfriend Freddywas one of the models of the costumes that got everyone excited! They even say that even her mother, seeing her on television, she shed a few tears.

Dayanara Torres, who was a guest co-host because Karla Martínez was doing interviews in London, put on one. We don’t know if her boyfriend, Marcelo Gamma, was also moved like Jessi’s partner and her mother, but she looked stunning and more than ready to reoffend.

But as we told you at the beginning of the article, by day Jessi was a girlfriend, and by night a whole Top Model… It is that the Venezuelan presenter made her debut on the catwalk as one of the muses of Custo Barcelona in the annual Art Basel that takes place in Miami.

Called ‘Basel Beach’, the designer presented a colorful, creative and imaginative project with the aim of seducing the woman who knows how to enjoy life and seeks recognition of her security and above all convey femininity.

Jessi, who enjoys each of the achievements in her career, somehow went back to her childhood when she used to pretend that her dolls were models. And once again it proved that she is ready for whatever is thrown her way.



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