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Jenny Strömstedt: “It’s my best make-up trick”

In an interview with The ladies World Jenny Strömstedt shares her skin care routine, her favorite product in the bathroom cabinet – and her best make-up trick ever.

Photo: Instagram @jennystromstedt

Jenny Strömstedt is one of Sweden’s most famous journalists and presenters. When she is interviewed in The ladies World she shares her beauty routine and how it has changed over the years:

“I’ve never been someone who could do facials or use five different face creams every night. However, I can now afford to buy ONE expensive cream that I take care of morning and night. However, I have realized over the years that you can keep up with a thousand and one beauty tricks, but the only thing that works is to live reasonably healthy. Simply sleep, eat and exercise enough,” she says.

Jenny Strömstedt’s smart makeup tips

Simplicity seems to be Strömstedt’s tune even when it comes to make-up. She says that she rarely has the “energy” to put on make-up on a daily basis and never goes to a salon. However, eyebrow dye is something she thinks is a real hero in the bathroom cabinet.

“With a little brow and lash color you still look lively,” she says.

The TV profile also takes the opportunity to share a clever make-up trick that she got from an expert: To replace concealer with foundation.

Linda Fernstrom who often does my make-up advised me to use a slightly lighter foundation than the one you usually use, as a concealer. Smear on, let dry a bit before continuing with powder. Works well on TV anyway,” she says.

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