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Jennifer Lopez releases new album inspired by Ben Affleck

Last week, Jennifer Lopez deleted all posts on her Instagram account, hinting that she had big news on the way. Now we know what it was all about: she’s about to release her first album since 2014.

Photo: Instagram @jlo

Jennifer Lopez is about to release her first album since 2014, the year her album AKA come out. In a clip on Instagram, the star talks about the inspiration behind the new record, This Is Me… Now:

“Twenty years ago I fell in love with the love of my life. I was making an album called ‘This Is Me… Then’. And it was about capturing that moment,” she says and continues:

“When I’m in love, I’m inspired. I was most inspired then and I haven’t made an album like that since. I suffered so much for so many years. My way of surviving was to work more and hide that side of myself. But now, twenty years later, have [berättelsen] a happy ending! I said, ‘It’s time for me to make a new album’. The reason we’re here is because I want to capture this moment, because it’s even better than the first time.”

“About true love never dies”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first got together in the early 2000s and went public with their split in January 2004. After separate marriages, they reunited last spring and this summer they wedding in Ben’s home in Georgia, USA.

In addition to the love for her husband, Lopez’s new album – which will be released in 2023 – is also said to be about her difficult upbringing, past relationships gone awry and “the incredible journey she has been on”, according to a press release obtained by Variety.

“It’s about faith, hope and true love never dying,” concludes the press release.

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