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Jennifer Lopez has a double on Tik Tok and her resemblance will leave you speechless

Jennifer Lopez, New York singer.

Photo: Timothy A. Clary. / Mezcalent

What a surprise Internet users got after seeing on Tik Tok who they described as the “lost sister” of Jennifer Lopez, a beauty influencer and makeup artist who has stolen the attention of thousands for her great resemblance to the singer. Who is it about? Read on to find out the details.

The beautiful content creator that has caused a stir on Tik Tok is Eve, a Dominican who has made an impact for having great physical similarities with the so-called ‘Diva from the Bronx’.

One of the videos that led her to be the target of the reflectors was the one where she recreated a photograph of Jennifer Lopez during her youth.

“Stand next to a photo of a celebrity that everyone tells you you look like…” is heard at the beginning of the clip in which Eve covers her face with her handswhile the image of JLo from 2002 stands out in the background of the screen.

Seconds later, the young woman proceeds to reveal her face and reveal her great resemblance to Ben Affleck’s wife. Nevertheless, This is not the first time that she has made an impact for this reason, since her Tik Tok account has been dedicated to recreating some of the singer’s most iconic looks.

It should be noted that each of her publications has been filled with comments in which Internet users point out the similarity in features that JLo and the influencer Eve have, regardless of whether the young woman uses makeup or not.

“JLo when she was young, what she looks like and without makeup anymore”, “Don’t invent you are J. LO her clone, her twin, just the same”, “They say there are 7 similar faces in the world and you see” and “What does it feel like to look alike to Jennifer Lopez?”, are some of the answers that are read on the net.

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