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Jenni Rivera’s children give everything to Juan and Rosie Rivera on the 10th anniversary of his death

Much has suffered rivera family whole not only for Jenny Rivera’s death but for everything that has happened in these 10 years of physical disappearance of La Diva de La Banda. distancing between Jenni’s children and some of her siblings Rosie and Juan Rivera this time escalated another level and they ended up finding everything on Twitter.

As we have already seen this year, Chiquis RiveraJacqie Rivera, Mike Rivera, Jenicka Lopez and Johnny Lopez they have been working hardr pay a well-deserved tribute to Jenni Rivera just now that it is 10 years since the anniversary of her tragic death. At the same time, john rivera Y Rosie Riverauncles of the children of the Mexican regional singer also paid tribute to their sister that was not taken entirely well by the boys.

Jenicka Lopez He wrote: “Hahaha using my mother’s death/her belongings for publicity is a different kind of******.” Johnny Lopez, the youngest of Jenni Rivera’s children He added: “Sometimes there is no catalyst for people to leave your life. Sometimes you just break up and that’s okay.”

However, Mike was more: “Imagine, the last person you have to try to exploit is your little sister, and being so opportunistic that he chooses the anniversary of his older sister’s death to do so“. It is presumed that this was referring to Rosie Rivera and Juan Rivera their participation in Univision to publicize a song that was released in honor of Jenni, “Leave me the instructions”.

Chiquis Rivera he limited himself to supporting and sharing the thoughts of his brothers and, through music, dedicating a warm Tribute to Jenni with a version of Paloma Blanca. This added to the clothing store that now also the deceased singer, to the Hollywood Walk star and to the various tributes that have been made by the hand of academies such as bill board Y Latin Grammy.

Undoubtedly, each of the relatives of Jenni Rivera they remembered her in their own way. For now we leave you just the music video that she dedicated to him chiquis to his mother.

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