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Jenna Ortega refuses to play negative stereotypes against Latinos

Jenna Ortega | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Photo: Leon Bennett/Getty Images

On the red carpet of the 2023 Golden Globes, Jenna Ortega stole cameras and reflectors who, after an intense fight of several years against the terrible customs that Hollywood cinema has, the young woman has rejected several roles to appear in narcoseries.

And it is that the famous young actress who gave life to Merlina de los Locos Adams, decided to turn her back on projects that damaged her Latin origins and Ortega acknowledges that there were not many opportunities due to her appearance, a situation that still prevails in American film projects.

The 20-year-old actress revealed that there weren’t many roles for her, who first worked very hard to be able to be the character of Wednesday todaywhere he became a trend in networks for his iconic character and for his famous dance that has gone around the world.

“As a Latina there weren’t many roles for me, when I started acting it was difficult because I didn’t have the look they were looking for”


Let’s not forget that Jenna started in the film industry with a small role in the film “Iron Man 3”; Nevertheless, the histrionic young woman realized that Latinos could do more than play the role of workers, servants or even villains like drug traffickersstereotypes that are very common in Hollywood movies.

“I feel that the Latino community is not shown as much and when they do, it is not a positive image”said the actress who stated that she does not want to play the role of a maid or the daughter of a leader of a cartel; “I would rather play a role with power, a powerful character in a positive way”he added.

She also proudly pointed out that all the rejection she had received motivated her to want more and changed the casting directors’ perspective on Latino people.

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