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Jefferson Farfán celebrated his son’s birthday on a luxurious yacht in Miami

It is a history of the Peruvian team

Photo: Lucas Uebel/Getty Images

The renowned Peruvian soccer legend, Jefferson Farfán, celebrated his son’s birthday in Miami, on a luxurious yacht.

And it is that the former soccer player has shown on different occasions that he spares no expense when it comes to celebrating parties with his loved ones.

This time he made it clear again, with his son’s 15th birthday, the first, he had with Melissa Klug.

The young man’s name is Adriano, and he is the first male child that both personalities had as a result of their love. So his dad went all out on a lavish yacht party in Miami.

It was on his Instagram account that the former soccer player from Peru shared an exclusive video of what this family party was like.

In the images it can be seen that they were in a white boat, in the middle of the dark night.

The guests had fun taking dips in the sea, in the midst of what was this celebration, which ended with the popular Happy Birthday song.

As part of their birthday gifts, hours earlier, father and son visited a Yves Saint Laurent company store. They shared a photo in which the teenager is seen carrying a bag of this exclusive brand.

Finally, in another snapshot, Farfán is shown, next to his older children, and in the background a black sports car, Ferrari.

It has been speculated if this was also one of the gifts that the former player gave his son Adriano, but it is not known for sure if that is the case.

a bit of his career

He worked as a midfielder or right winger and his last professional club was Alianza Lima.

He is the second highest scorer in history for the Peruvian soccer team and is considered by the specialized press as one of the most important players in the history of Peruvian soccer.

He began his sports career in the minor divisions of Deportivo Municipal and Alianza Lima. He has as medals the runner-up medal in the Copa América 2019 and a bronze medal achieved in the Copa América 2015.

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