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Jeep Credit Card: How it works

The Jeep Credit Card is yet another credit service created by companies to value fans of the car manufacturer, because if there is one thing that companies currently value, it is contact with customers.

However, among so many different credit cards, what is different and innovative about the Jeep Credit Card? That’s what we’ll discuss now, check out a complete overview of Jeep’s new service.

What this article covers:

What is the Jeep Credit Card?

The Jeep Credit Card was created together with Mastercard, in order to increase and improve the company’s contact with its customers, through the services provided.

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With a beautiful and simple design, the Jeep Credit Card also seeks to encourage care for nature, as in addition to showing this in advertisements for their products, the material that forms the card is precisely plastic taken from the oceans.

How does the Jeep Credit Card work?

Now that we know about the Jeep Credit Card, it is time to explain how it works. Similar to the miles system, the Jeep Credit Card works through a points accumulation system, which can be exchanged later on, and to acquire points, just buy Jeep products.

However, it is merely similar to miles, as the accumulation of points on the Jeep Credit Card offers benefits in products from the company itself and not in other varieties. However, it is still a great system for fans of the brand, since with the accruals it is possible to ask for discounts, buy products and even negotiate car tickets.

Finally, other things are also present on the card, such as the possibility of participating in the Surpreenda program, due to the partnership with Mastercard, payment by approximation and use of the True Name Mastercardwhich allows the use of the social name for transgender and non-binary people.

What is the initial limit of the Jeep credit card?

As it is a very new card on the market, some information is still missing from Jeep, such as: whether this service charges a minimum income per user or not; the initial limit of the card; Among other things.

What is the initial limit of the Jeep credit card

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It would be possible to deduce that the minimum income would be in the range of R$ 5,000.00, a classic case of Platinum cards, but nothing beyond deductions.

How to apply for the Jeep card?

To apply for your Jeep Credit Card and start acquiring all the advantages mentioned throughout the text, just enter the official Jeep website and go to the cards tab. In about 15 days, the product will arrive at your residence.

With that, we’re done here. We hope that you now know all the benefits offered by the new Jeep Credit Card and know how it works. To strengthen the disclosure, share it in your media and come back often to this site for more news.

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