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Javier Ceriani breaks down and cries during the transmission of “Gossip no Like” | VIDEO

Javier Ceriani cries live – Getty Images.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

Javier Ceriani has become one of the most popular entertainment figures on social media and YouTube. The driver has also caused controversy due to his statements, he even has an enmity with Daniel Bisogno in Ventaneando. Recently, the driver burst into tears in “Gossip not like”.

The 51-year-old Argentine has become a benchmark in show business, but this has also caused him several problems with other celebrities such as William Valdés.

However, he was recognized by the Emmys in 2010 in the Investigative Reporting category, in addition to winning for his work with “Virginia Vallejo.”

In his recent program “Gossip no like”, he has shared various exclusives, sources of information and the most relevant news about celebrities.

In one of his most recent broadcasts, Javier Ceriani burst into tears and showed himself like never before, because this is what happened.

via YouTube, Gossip no Like broadcast one of his most recent programs where Javier Ceriani presented one of his most recent cases.

This is the famous Chyno Miranda, the singer was in a clinic and faces a legal situation due to the poor conditions of the place. We did it, we did it. I’m so excited because these things penalize us

Javier Ceriani was one of those who supported the news and spread Chyno’s casefor which the singer thanked the driver, who assures that he only did his research, since he is a journalist who is always committed to his work and is happy to see that there was a change.

Javier Ceriani assured that they are often slandered because of their type of content, but Chyno Miranda is an example that his investigative journalism is real. His partner gave him a hug to comfort him during the emotional moment, as he burst into tears and his voice cut off.

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