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Jasmine tea is antioxidant and fights cancer

O jasmine tea is one of the countless teas that help human beings to improve their quality of life, as it has several benefits recognized by traditional medicine.

Proof of this are the inhabitants of Okinawa, an island located in Japan, known for having a population with a high number of elderly people, some of whom are over a hundred years old. The fact that there is a higher average life expectancy in Okinawa has been attributed to the high consumption of jasmine tea, which also helps prevent disease.rcancers, including lung and breast cancer.

Jasmine tea properties

If you have a very hectic day to day, you can also find this soft drink a strong ally in the fighting stressthanks to the numerous medicinal properties of jasmine flowers, namely:

  • antioxidants;
  • tranquilizers;
  • analgesics;
  • digestive;
  • antibacterial;
  • anti-inflammatory.

These characteristics of jasmine leaves also help to improve blood circulationa reduce cholesterol and prevent the appearance of clots that can lead to a stroke (stroke). This is because antioxidants can detect and destroy harmful agents in the body, which prevents the emergence of some diseases, thus protecting the immune system.

Get to know other benefits that this infusion can bring to health.

8 benefits of jasmine tea

Drinking a cup of jasmine tea daily makes all the difference for the proper functioning of the organism, and this will be reflected in your well-being. This natural recipe can provide you with many more benefits than those mentioned in the article so far. Meet them.


Decreased risk of cancer

As explained earlier, the antioxidants contained in jasmine tea are able to detect and destroy harmful agents such as toxins and bacteria, so that the immunity system not be affected.

This benefit combats evils such as flucolds and diarrhea, in addition to reducing the risk of developing cancers, such as lung, colon, breast and prostate.


delay aging

In addition to helping to fight cancer, antioxidants keep the skin looking younger, which slows down the premature aging?? Wrinkles and expression lines are reduced for those who consume this tea, which also helps to keep the brain agile.


Prevent stroke and heart problems

Since jasmine tea reduces cholesterol and harmful fats in our body, there is a lower chance that the consumer of this drink will develop heart problems or suffer a stroke. The fact that it improves blood circulation also helps to prevent blood clots, thrombosis and arterial hypertension??

Some studies have shown that jasmine flowers accelerate metabolism, which causes the body to eliminate more calories quickly, thus contributing to weight loss.

This tip is good for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly and naturally, but should only be seen as a complementary aid, as tea intake alone does not help weight loss. Jasmine tea also helps to maintain body weight if accompanied by a proper diet.

Anyone suffering from stress, anxiety, depression symptomsheadaches, muscle or menstrual pain, panic attacks or even hyperactivity, is benefited by the ingestion of this drink, as it is a powerful tranquilizer, thanks to the aroma of jasmine. if you usually have insomnia, this is also a solution to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, thanks to the infusion’s sedative properties. Just take it before going to sleep.

This drink not only fights against harmful bacteria, but also forms beneficial bacteria that help our bodies with important tasks such as digestion. Drinking jasmine tea helps in preventing gastrointestinal diseases, diarrhea and ulcers.


Type 2 diabetes controlled

It is believed that there is also the benefit of regulating blood sugar levels and insulin formation in the body, which reduces the likelihood of developing diabetes of type 2.


Arthritis and joint pain

Another positive effect of this tea is to reduce the discomfort associated with arthritis and joint paindue to the anti-inflammatory properties that the infusion contains.

However, tea needs to be brewed correctly to have the desired effect. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to prepare this drink.

Where to buy and how to prepare

Jasmine leaves, which cost between €2 The €4, can be purchased at herbalists and health food stores, and also in some supermarkets. The recommended dose is two cups of tea a day, one in the morning and one before bed.

It is also recommended to use jasmine leaves in traditional teas such as Green Teablack or white, and that you put half a liter of water in the container before putting it on the stove. The difference in preparation method is to add a tablespoon of jasmine leaves while the tea is boiling. Let it continue to boil for 5 minutes, and only then can you remove the container from the heat.

There are those who also prepare the tea in a different way, by placing a teaspoon of jasmine leaves in the bottom of a cup and covering them with boiling water. Then you should leave the cup covered for about 5 minutes and no more than that, so that the drink does not have a bitter taste.

If you take medication for high blood pressure or similar ones, you should be careful with your intake of this drink, due to its sedative effect. This effect is also not beneficial if you are driving or need to pay attention to a certain task. Tea should not be consumed along with alcoholic beverages.

Keep up with others contraindications of this infusion.


The strong odors of jasmine tea are not recommended during pregnancy. Jasmine essential oil, sometimes used to make jasmine tea, has even caused premature contractions in pregnant women.

intestinal discomfort

There are those who use this infusion to speed up the metabolism, or make it help to stimulate further weight loss. However, jasmine tea is acidic and consuming it on an empty stomach to lose weight will only cause discomfort or intestinal pain.


We must not forget that jasmine tea contains caffeine despite having calming properties, which can affect people in different ways. For those who avoid caffeine intake, this drink is not a good solution, as most teas are.

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