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Jane Fonda turns 85 and received “the best gift I’ve ever had”

Got a great birthday present

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american actress Jane Fonda is turning 85 years old and celebrated with good news.

The cancer suffered by the actress is beginning to remit and therefore will no longer need to receive chemotherapy treatment.

Fonda has also had an outstanding career as a writer, book editor and also making aerobics videos.

She is the winner of two Oscars, out of a total of seven nominations, the awards are for best actress.

In addition, he has won four Golden Globes, two awards BAFTAs and an EMMY.

Fonda is already known as a legend and myth of the seventh art. He is recognized for his leading roles in movies as he has linked many recognized by critics, such as Klute, Julia, The return, Dance, dance, damned, The China syndrome, The human pack, On Golden Pond, Nine to Five and Old Gringo.

His claim to fame it was produced in 1960 by starring in commercially successful films such as Barbarella Y Cat Ballou.

By 1991, he surprised the entire world by announcing his retirement from the big screen, although years later he would return to the comedy: The groom’s mother.

Then he has also had participation in tapes such as The Butler and Youth.

Political activism has also been part of his life, he has fought for various causes. He spoke out against the Vietnam war and the war in Iraq.

She describes herself as a “liberal and feminist” person. She published in 2005 her autobiography, which became a sales and critical success.

Your fight against cancer

Last September it was learned that Fonda had been diagnosed with a non hodgkin lymphoma, The actress herself told it on her blog.

“I am full of hope and inspiration and my lymphoma is not going to stop me”the actress commented.

Since then, he has revealed the entire process and how he adapted his training to chemotherapy.

Right now there is good news and it is that it is the “Best birthday present I’ve ever had.”

The actress announced that her cancer was improving. “Last week my oncologist told me that my cancer is in remission and that I can stop receiving chemotherapy. I feel so blessed, so lucky…”, said the actress.

He explained that while the first two sessions were “quite easy, the last chemotherapy session was tough and lasted 2 weeks, so it was hard to do a lot of things,” he explained. .

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