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Jamie Dornan talks about his family problems after starring in 50 Shades of Gray

Actor Jamie Dornan owes a large part of his success to the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy. However, not everything those movies have given her has been good. since his family has not been able to enjoy it as much as he has.

Now, the actor has confessed about everything that has meant and has had to do about it.

Jamie Dornan talks about his family and 50 Shades

Dornan has gone to the television program The Graham Norton Show, where he has talked about what his role as Christian Gray has meant for him in the famous film saga of 50 Shades.


A lot of fame, success and money are some of the advantages. But there have also been disadvantages such as being away from his wife and daughters for much of the last few years because of filming. Not only that: they didn’t see him on the screen either because of the type of film he made.

That is why the actor recently made a decision and asked his production company, Universal, for the following:


“I’ve played a lot of creepy characters, so my daughters couldn’t see anything I’d done, so, I basically begged Universal for a role.. I loved it and it was an amazing experience, but doing dubbing made me feel very uncomfortable.”

Apparently, the role that Universal has given him is to double one of the characters in the film Trolls World Tourfor children.


It seems that Dornan’s daughters are finally going to get to see some of their father’s work on the big screen in Hollywood, if only to hear his voice.

What did you think of this confession? Do you think the actor did well with that request?

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