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James Rodríguez recounted the time that Rafa Benítez told him that he would not see minutes because of his age: “You are older, you are 30 years old, I prefer young people”

James Rodríguez did not have a good relationship with Rafael Benítez in two different teams. He first got along badly with the Spanish coach at Real Madrid and the situation worsened at Everton in the Premier League.

The Colombian soccer player did not have a good time during his stay at Bayern Munich, which is why he came to Everton in 2020. In that season he met again with Rafa Benítez, who from the first day sentenced him to the bench because of his age.

“You are already older, you are 30 years old, I prefer to have young people, with hierarchy and who run, so find yourself a club”Rodríguez said that Benítez told him on the first day of preseason in 2020.

James also revealed during a Twitch stream of Ricardinho that he told his agent to find him a new club because he knew the Spanish manager was going to fail at Everton like he did at Real Madrid.

“I told the manager that ‘in three months Rafa Benítez was out, I know something about soccer. I was already with him (at Real Madrid) and he’s screwed. After three months out and they were last, ”he added.

After Everton, James ended up going to Qatar where he played with Al Rayyan thinking of having a level for the World Cup.

“I went to Qatar because at Everton, the coach didn’t want me and I wasn’t going to be unable to play. That year I had a couple of physical problems and The clubs that wanted me in Europe couldn’t give me a salary like the one I had. I thought about Qatar because the World Cup was coming up”, he commented.

The Colombian explained that he also had a friction with the coach of the Colombian team at that time, Reinaldo Rueda.. In the end, Colombia was left out of Qatar 2022 after not adding victories in the last games.

“I had a brush, it was nothing serious, but I did not go 6 games and in those 6 I could have done something more. It was very unfair, but in the last 4 games I was and we have not been able to do things well, but that will always remain with me ”, he concluded.

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