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James Corden finally gets permission to demolish his million-dollar abandoned mansion

James Corden has everything ready to demolish his old abandoned mansion and build the house of his dreams in its place.

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The British presenter James Corden, 44 years old and who is famous for leading the broadcast ‘The Late Late Show’, recently received excellent news from the authorities of his country, when it was announced that he had already been authorized to demolish the mansion he owns in Henley-on-Thames, in Oxfordshireand which has been abandoned for a couple of years, which has caused it to be repeatedly invaded by strangers.

The property, which dates from the 1960s, will pass away in the near future to make way for a two-story property that will include, among other things, six bedrooms and a basement that would function as a store, but also as a plant room.

The residence, which will be 18% larger than its predecessor and will be built on a 43-acre lot, will also attract attention due to its exteriors, where Corren plans to have some beautiful gardens that take us back to those that had the mansions in the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as a walled garden for the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Although it seems that he will build the mansion of his dreams, the original plans went beyond everything we already told you, but the authorities did not authorize other works, such as the construction of a two-story pool house that he had planned to house two swimming pools, a yoga studio, a steam shower, a sauna and a massage room.

Neither will he be able to build an outdoor swimming pool, nor the garbage deposit that he planned to install near the access entrance. The reasons? The felling of trees that would be carried out to carry out these works.

Despite the many changes that he will make to it, it emerged that Corden plans to keep the tennis courts and the spectacular Druid Temple, which is made up of 45 granite stones distributed in circles and was a gift from Henry Seymour Conway, who was governor of the community.

The reasons why he wants to build the house of his dreams would be because he would already be planning his return to the land where he was born, so he is thinking of a space that will be enjoyed by him, by his wife, but also by their children, Max and Charlotte.

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