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Jamendo distributed a million albums

Free social music site Jamendo announced today that it has distributed over one million album downloads that are freely available using BitTorrent technology.

Only the albums that have been distributed in full have been counted or as they themselves say: «this figure is the minimum indicative number of the total number of complete albums that we have distributed so far».

This is a big hit for sites that believe that drm-free music sites can be successful in the long run. Jamendo has an incredible download rate of over 200,000 albums every month and the number is increasing with each passing month.

Jamendo’s most successful album has been downloaded more than 11000 times, which is a great success for the artist and all other artists as it highlights that the distribution system works and that it can reach a large audience.

Users can listen to and download over 2,800 albums on Jamendo using streams and the bittorrent network.


If you are looking for free music, you should definitely visit Jamendo and start listening to some of the tracks suggested there. Below is a small sample of my favorite songs that can be heard and downloaded on Jamendo. (I like electronics right now)

closing words

While the downloads pale in comparison to mainstream commercial offerings, consider that commercial albums and audio platforms are backed by multi-million dollar companies. Jamendo’s offer increases every month and the service will undoubtedly become more popular in the coming years.

To update: Jamendo recently launched a new version of the website that lists the most popular tracks, artists, and channels on the front page instead of albums. The radio channels are sorted by genre and you can simply click on a channel like HipHop Radio or Electronic Radio to start listening on Jamendo right away.

What I particularly like about that is that you always get a link to download and share for every song playing on the radio station you’re listening to. Clicking download opens the download option on the screen (music continues to play) so you can download it for free and legally for personal use on your system.

Downloads are now available via BitTorrent and direct downloads from the Jamendo website.

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