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Jacky Bracamontes suffers a painful fall during the recording of the Telemundo Christmas special

Jacky Bracamontes caused a shower of reactions from his followers on social networks after sharing the video of the exact moment when he suffers a painful fall in full recording of Telemundo’s Christmas specials.

Jacqueline Bracamontes Van Hoorde, artistically known as Jacky Bracamontes, enjoys showing herself as she is within social networks, where she exposes aspects of her family life and the projects in which she is currently participating, although on some occasions she has placed herself in the eye of the hurricane receiving strong criticism.

But it has also become clear that the former beauty queen prefers to see the positive side of every situation, which is why once again she brought out her sense of humor by sharing a video of the fall he suffered while recording the special Christmas program from Telemundo.

It was exactly through his official Instagram profile where the television star was seen dancing with his partner Carlos Adian; However, the fun moments ended when she apparently tripped over her own dress, a long mermaid cut design with sequins that, despite making her look spectacular, caused her to fall to the ground without anyone noticing her. could help.

Something like this had happened to me in my life… Well, there is always a first time…“Wrote the Mexican presenter at the bottom of the publication, in which she also pointed out that”yes it hurt“.

The also actress was not left with the desire to blame her partner, assuring that he had caused her fall: “My nephew says that you threw me”, although of course always in a joking tone.

As expected, the publication caused a shower of reactions from his followers and celebrities in which, in addition to receiving about 150,000 “likes”, some celebrities such as Paulina Ribio, Adamari López, Laura Flores and Sebastián Rulli, among others. , expressed their concern about the fall, wishing that everything had been a fun experience.

In another recording, Jacky boasted the beautiful design that highlighted her curvaceous silhouette when walking all, “before the majestic fall” she suffered, as she herself pointed out.

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