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Jacky Bracamontes boasts dream vacations with his family in the snow

Jacky Bracamontes.

Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Tremendous vacations the family of Jacky Bracamontes and Martín Fuentes undertook as part of their end-of-year celebration. The chosen tourist destination? The perfect place for the winter season: Vail, Colorado. Here we tell you the details!

It was through the official Facebook page that the former beauty queen shared various details about the adventure she had with her loved ones. Within the audiovisual all the members of the Fuentes-Bracamontes clan are seen more than ready -and equipped for the cold- to be able to perfect their ski technique.

It should be noted that Jacky Bracamontes and Martín Fuentes were not the only adults on the journey, as they were joined by Mrs. Virginia Telich, Martín Fuentes’s mother, and his maternal grandmother, Mrs. Jacqueline Van-Hoorde.

In addition, the clip showed that despite the glamor they have exuded through Instagram, traveling with 5 girls and their pet Luna is more complicated than it seems. “They will already know what it is to travel with 5 girls, the suitcases, but it is going to be good,” he is heard saying in his story.

It should be noted that his arrival at Veil was not the only moment that Jacky Bracamontes documented from his social networks, he also gave a taste of what he experienced minutes before putting his ski skills to the test: “Renting boots is a whole roll. This is the heaviest part of skiing, renting, ”he added.

One of the host’s latest publications showed that despite the low temperatures, her vacations have been a success: “Another day of adventures with the family. My Martín Fuentes took us along a black diamond track and the girls went down perfectly and I almost rolled, ”said the famous woman.

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