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Ja Morant was recorded on Instagram showing off a firearm in a strip club

Ja Morant continues to add controversies in his career.

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The star of the NBA and the Memphis Grizzlies, Ja Morant, is involved in a new controversyand it is that the 23-year-old point guard, recorded a video in a nudist club and boasted of a weapon in the same audiovisualundoubtedly a scandal for a public figure and a professional basketball player who plays in the best league in the world.

In the aforementioned video Morant is seen showing off diamond chains around his neck and also shows a short-caliber weapon while recording himself shirtless from the strip club he attended. Another scandal of the young basketball player who is a figure on the little tables but whose performance is often overshadowed by his bad behavior on the streets, which constantly places him in the eye of the hurricane.

It should be noted that the video was uploaded by the player through his stories on his social network Instagramthey were recorded by users who have been in charge of making them viral.

Morant has been involved in other controversies this season in which he has been constantly called to doping controls, a fact for which he has publicly complained through his social networks. Besides the Memphis player was recently accused of constantly hitting a minor with a weapon.

There is still no pronouncement from the NBA but it is expected that there may be sanctions and even a suspension due to the aforementioned acts of indiscipline in which the young player has resorted.

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