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Ja Morant is investigated by the Police after showing a firearm in a strip club

Ja Morant training with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Photo: Justin Ford/Getty Images

After displaying a firearm during a live Instagram broadcast while at a Denver, Colorado nightclub, Colorado State Police announced they are investigating NBA Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant.

According to information from the ESPN network, the Glendale Police Department reported that they are investigating the player for possible breach of any of the laws established for carrying weapons.. In this sense, the authorities also confirmed that the event occurred in a Denver bar that is located in an area surrounded by shopping centers and strip clubs.

According to The Associated Press news agency, Police Captain Jamie Dillon assured that there was no complaint or complaint about Morant’s compartment, but the department decided to act ex officio and began the investigations.

Although Colorado is one of the cities that allows the possession of weapons, there are some exceptions to the rule such as carrying on federal property or carrying under the influence of alcohol. It is not clear if the base was consuming some type of drink, in the video you can see other people doing it.

Morant could also be in trouble due to NBA regulations. However, they apply when the player is on franchise premises or traveling with the team. Over the weekend, the basketball player released a video where he is seen with a firearm, shirtless and with diamond chains. After the commotion caused, he apologized for what happened.

However, the controversy has been such that the Memphis Grizzlies decided to remove him from the team and there is no set date for his return, as confirmed by his coach Taylor Jenkins last Sunday.

This is not the first controversy surrounding Morant, as he was previously accused of constantly hitting a minor with a weapon. The point guard has been in the crosshairs of NBA authorities and on several occasions this season he has been chosen to undergo anti-doping controls after games. Something that the player has publicly complained about.

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