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Ivonne Montero’s daughter will undergo complicated open-heart surgery. Is she in danger? | VIDEO

yvonne monteroactress and winner of “House of Famous 2”spoke during said reality show about a congenital condition that the little daughter suffered from.

To whom he procreated next to the late Venezuelan singer, Fabio Melanitto, who at his young age already has heart problems, which apparently have become more complicated, as he revealed exclusively for “Ventaneando”.

It was an interview with said means of communication that the star confessed that it is likely that her daughter Antonella will soon have to undergo a new surgery, for which they are waiting for some studies, which will reveal whether or not the girl is a candidate for said procedure.

Since childhood, the daughter of Ivonne Montero has presented heart conditions, because as revealed by Ivonne Montero in LCDLF2, Antonella was diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

A heart disease in which the heart has a double right ventricular outlet, an issue that prevents the girl from receiving adequate oxygen and has led her to undergo various surgeries.

However, according to what was disclosed in “Ventaneando”, Ivonne Montero’s daughter was recently found to have a heart murmurwhich could land her back in the operating room.

This time in a possible open heart operation in which a valve would be placed that would allow him to continue with his daily life.

“They detected certain little things… Details that may be indications that I already needed open-heart surgery, which is generally the case and is to put a prosthesis, a valve, to be able to close those little balls that were left open because there is an artery and then they do not close. He has a bit of a strong breath ”.


The also actress added that she hopes that her daughter does not have to undergo another surgery, since she knows that her daughter is very strong and energetic, and she even made reference to the fact that in her karate classes she is always the one with the most energy and “tires everyone out before she gets tired”, for which he hopes the best for the great love of his life, who is only 9 years old.

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