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Ivonne Galaz and Tania Domínguez are the new faces of the urban Mexican regional

Ivonne Galaz and Tania Domínguez, urban Mexican regional singers.

Photo: Humble Ranch. / Courtesy

Nathanael Cano has given way to several new artists of the regional mexican that have gone towards the slope of the urban, thus generating a unique sound. Part of the new generation of mexican music has said present in the US with incredible numbers of reproductions on digital platforms with Spotify, itunes Y Youtube. Ivonne Galaz and Tania Domínguez are part of the new faces of the urban Mexican regional.

yvonne galaz.

This is how this duo calls it, which has managed to establish itself as one of the most important cultural phenomena in recent years in the United States. Ivonne and Tania are only comparable with movements as strong as Hip Hop in the English market; and urban music in the Latin industrya.

Tanya Dominguez.

They tell new stories and give a unique color to the Mexican regional. Right there lies the musical relevance of Ivonne Galaz and Tania Domínguez. Nail singer-songwriters that prevail in the market Latin music and that they are just presenting their most recent theme: “I can not forget you”which is accompanied by its respective video clip.

The song talks about love and its subsequent absence, as well as the hope of reunion in the midst of pain. yvonne galaz Y Tania Dominguez belong to one of the most important record labels in The Angels, Humble Ranchlead by Jimmy Humble. Without a doubt, these two young ladies are earning a respectable position in an environment run mostly by gentlemen.

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