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It’s already born! Pepe Aguilar’s first granddaughter and we already know who she looks like. Ángela Aguilar, is that you?

It was in the final stretch of 2022 when Pepe Aguilar He became the grandfather of a beautiful girl, the baby came from the relationship between Emiliano, the singer’s eldest son, with a girl named Violeta.

It should be noted that the couple is far from the media and scandals, so a few days ago several images were leaked where they revealed the identity of the youngest member of the dynasty.

The photographs were shared from the account of the journalist Nelssie Carrillo who assured that it was the first-born of Emiliano Aguilarbecause in the postcards several people can be seen who are allegedly the in-laws of the young man during the celebration of the past December dates.

In the images, the little baby, whose name is still unknown, bears a great resemblance to her aunt, Angela Aguilarand here we leave a picture of the singer when she was that little, you judge if they do look alike.

Pepe Aguilar is very reserved when it comes to the life of his son Emiliano, in his official accounts or in the blogs that he uploads to his YouTube channel he rarely shares what he does or what he does. moments they spend together, compared to other members of their family who are more active with cameras.

Emiliano Aguilar is the product of the relationship between the interpreter of “Por mujeres como tú” and Carmen Treviño, they were married in 1990 and the child was born in October 1992, it should be remembered that the love of Pepe and his wife did not last long.

And it was in 1995 when they decided to put an end to it and they divorced. Pepe Aguilar later married Aneliz Aguilar with whom he had three other babies; Aneliz, Leonardo and Angela.

The young man who is currently 29 years old grew up with his mother with a little-known profile and during his adolescence he came to light due to some controversies in which he was involved, the most resonant being when he was arrested by the United States government.

This for trying to illegally enter four people illegally, for this reason he was found guilty and was placed under house arrest, he also entered a clinic to treat his addictions.

The son of the grupera star works with his father and brothers in the various events they carry out throughout Mexico and the United States, he is in charge of aspects related to the organization and production of “Jaripeo sin fronteras” or the individual projects of his famous relatives.

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