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itinerary to fall in love with the city of the Beatles

Liverpool is one of the most famous cities in the northwest of England and has risen to prominence thanks to its industry, port, football and, of course, music.

Founded at the dawn of the 13th century, Liverpool went from a small fishing village to a free municipality by order of King John (also known as Sem Terra), in the year 1207.

But it is in the splendid reign of Elizabeth I, in the 16th century, that Liverpool becomes the port of reference for the adventure of the New World, providing a brutal growth to the city.

The same happened in 1666, when the great fire of London caused many of the capital’s merchants to move to the northwest.

During World War II, it was the target of relentless bombing by German aviation, which destroyed a significant part of the city’s heritage. Reborn from the ashes, it would become an important economic and cultural center in the United Kingdom. And there’s a lot to see

Liverpool: what not to miss

Liverpool is a city in constant ebullition and with several points of interest. If the rivalry between football clubs Liverpool FC and Everton FC is well known, there is no doubt that the biggest local export continues to be the Beatles.

A little throughout the city you can breathe the spirit of the Fab Four. Their music echoes many places in Liverpool and the magnificent four are present in toponymy, statues, airports, in short, a little everywhere.

But there is more to see. So here are some suggestions for a few days well spent on “merseyside”.

cavern club

O The Cavern Club it opened in 1957 and is where the legend of the Beatles begins.

It was here that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison gave their first concerts, before heading to Hamburg, Germany, a city that was also decisive for the band’s musical growth.

By some accounts, the Fab Four played close to 300 times in the space, which was demolished in 1973, only to be rebuilt in 1984 with bricks taken from the original.

It’s on Mathew Street and is, of course, a place of pilgrimage for all admirers of the band. Take the opportunity to embark on the Magical Mystery Tour, a tour that takes its name from one of the most psychedelic Beatles albums.

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is a fantastic space of rare grandeur.

It is the longest church in the world with 189 meters in length and a tower that, with its 101 meters, is the tallest in the whole of the United Kingdom.

It is a must-visit place and one of the great symbols of the city, majestically dominating almost the entire landscape. Mandatory.

The imposing Liverpool Cathedral, which dominates the entire city

albert dock

Do you remember how important the port was to Liverpool’s development? Well then, in recent decades the space has been covered with tones of ruin, as a result of the disappearance of many economic activities based there.

But it has gained a new life and you won’t want to miss a visit to this area, now more trendy and full of original proposals.

In Albert Dock, the name of the area, you will find museums, galleries, restaurants and bars, right next to the Mersey River, occupying a substantial part of what was the city’s historic port.

The revitalization process it underwent turned it into one of the most pleasant public spaces in the city. Returning to the Fab Four, this is where the museum “The Beatles Story” is located.

Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields

Everyone knows this Beatles song. It’s an absolute classic. But the place already existed. Penny Lane is where Paul McCartney took the bus to go to John Lennon’s house, at 215 Menlove Avenue.

Strawberry Fields Forever is another Beatles song written by Lennon. The space was a former girls’ orphanage.

The area tour stops right in front of the famous red gate. It is no longer the original, but it is a perfect replica.


Anyone who goes to Liverpool cannot miss Anfield, the mythical stadium of the “Reds” and which has experienced so many glorious afternoons and nights. After serious problems with hooligans, the club made a radical change.

Many of these supporters were chased out of the stadiums and security conditions improved significantly. But the famous Kop is still there, a bench for the most loyal supporters and a kind of “court” for the club’s players and coaches.

Also, take the opportunity to go to the other side of the river and visit the brand new stadium of arch-rivals Everton.

It is still under construction, but it is the anchor for a profound revolution in the Mersey area. It’s a work of art and looks like it’s literally sitting on the river.

The Three Graces

They are the most important buildings in the city, built in 1911 and, at the time, the tallest in all of Europe. It’s called The Three Graces, in a complex that includes the Port of Liverpool Building, the Royal Liver Building and The Cunard Building.

Located at Pier Head, on the Liverpool Waterfront, they constitute one of the most important architectural complexes in the United Kingdom, forming part of an area that has been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Nearby is also the now famous statue of the four Beatles, in life size, stage for some of the best photos you can take in the city of Liverpool.

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Where to stay in Liverpool

If you are looking for accommodation in Liverpool, know that the offer is vast and something for all budgets. Check out some of these units:

  • Adelphi Hotel: With origins dating back to 1914, this hotel is right in the city center and the prices are affordable.
  • Days Inn: Right in the center of Liverpool, this unit is close to the main tourist attractions. Prices per night are around €48 (£42).
  • Holiday Inn: It is located in St. George’s Quarter. The best shops, pubs and museums in the city are close by, as well as the train station, with departures to London and other cities in the United Kingdom.
  • Ibis Styles: This 1960s-inspired hotel is located in the heart of the city, close to many attractions and minutes from the Cavern Club. Ideal for true fans.

How to go

There are several companies that fly from Lisbon and Porto direct to Liverpool. Not all land at John Lennon Airport, the main airport in the region, so it is convenient to account for transfers to and from the city.

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