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Items inspired by the BBB 2016 home decor

Look items inspired by the BBB 2016 home decor🇧🇷 That year, the reality show bet on an industrial decor, which caught the public’s attention because of the details in the kitchen. Read the article and learn how to make three accessories that appeared on the show at home.

Items inspired by the BBB 2016 home decor. (Photo: Reproduction/Gshow)

Big Brother Brasil 16 came to an end on April 5th, with young student Munik as champion. The edition was very successful, thanks to the fights carried out by the participants. Those who followed the program also ended up falling in love with the decoration of the most watched house in Brazil.

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BBB16’s decor was inspired by a factory environment. Everything that refers to industry gained space in the mansion, such as dark colors, gears, exposed brick finish, scrap furniture, industrial stove and restaurant freezer. The color, in turn, was due to the decorative objects and accessories.

What this article covers:

Items inspired by the BBB 2016 home decor

Check below some items inspired by the BBB 2016 home decorwhich you can do at home in a simple way and without spending money:

cutlery holder

Cutlery holder.  (Photo: Playback/Gshow)

Cutlery holder. (Photo: Playback/Gshow)

Necessary materials: 1 aluminum can of 400g, white paint, red paint, metal primer, letter ruler and brush.

Step by step: apply white paint all over the aluminum can. Let it dry. Once the surface is dry, apply a coat of red paint. Let it dry again. Use the letter ruler to write the word “Cutlery”. Fill in the gaps with white paint.

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Spice container

Spice container.  (Photo: Playback/Gshow)

Spice container. (Photo: Playback/Gshow)

Necessary materials: 1 spice storage jar, chalk, scissors and chalkboard sticker.

Step by step: cut a piece of the chalkboard sticker in the shape you prefer. Apply to the glass pot and write the name of the seasoning that will be stored. There are many interesting ideas for customizing the object, such as cutting out three squares and writing a letter from the word SAL on each one.

menu blackboard

Blackboard menu.  (Photo: Playback/Gshow)

Menu chalkboard. (Photo: Playback/Gshow)

Necessary materials: wooden cutting board, chalk, blackboard sticker and scissors.

Step by step: Take the meat board, measure the surface and mark the chalkboard sticker, using a pen. Cut the adhesive in the shape of the utensil and apply, being careful not to form bubbles. Finally, use chalk to write “menu of the day”.

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What’s up? What did you think of items inspired by the BBB 2016 home decor🇧🇷 Put these manual work tips into practice and leave the environments with a modern look. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other articles about decoration.

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