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Itaucard credit card: is it worth it?

Banco Itaú, which is one of the largest financial institutions on the planet, also offers its customers a range of different credit cards, including the Itaucard Credit Card.

The Itaucard credit card has been increasingly requested by people, who are looking for an easy way to make purchases and plan their installments, but also to obtain many benefits through the simple act of consuming products or services.

But there are still some doubts among those who want to apply for the Itaucard Credit Card, mainly about how it works, what is the initial limit and how to apply for your own card.

What this article covers:

What is the Itaucard Credit Card?

As such a great financial institution, Itaú issues cards under its own brand, as is the case with Itaucard. In addition, the bank also offers cards that are made in partnership with stores, brands and companies that provide services.

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For example, Itaucard Azul Itau was created to serve customers who need to buy airline tickets frequently. Therefore, one of the benefits of this type of card is the 10% discount on the purchase of tickets by the Azul company.

How does the Itaucard Credit Card work?

The Itaucard credit card works like any other, regarding the use of the card to make purchases, whether paid in installments or not. However, its operating differential lies in its various benefits.

Depending on the type of Itaucard, it is possible to earn miles with LATAM and Azul companies. The choice of card is at the discretion of each customer. There is also an advantage in shopping at stores such as Assai, Magazine Luiza, Extra and Pontofrio, with the opportunity to obtain exclusive discounts.

Other benefits include the Km de Vantagens program, which is in partnership with the Ipiranga service station network. It is also possible to get 50% discounts on theater and cinema tickets, as long as it is on the UCI, Moviecom, Espaço Itaú de Cinema, Kinoplex, Playart and Cineart networks.

In short, the Itaucard credit card works to meet a customer’s purchasing needs, while rewarding them as they use it.

What is the initial limit of the Itaú Click card?

One of the most popular Itaucard cards is Itaú Click, which is an easy card to obtain and whose limit limit is not very high.

What is the initial limit of the Itaú Click card

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The initial limit for this card is determined after application and approval, since Itaú analyzes the customer’s credit beforehand. From this analysis, the limit is established.

But it is worth noting that Itaú Click gives you the possibility to increase the limit after only 3 months of use, provided that the invoices are paid by the due date and that the username is clean.

How do I know if the Itaú credit card has been approved?

Itaú itself sends the approved card to the customer within 15 days of approval. The bank usually sends an email with a message informing the customer that the card has been approved.

How do I know if it has been rejected?

The negative answer also arrives by e-mail, but during a total period of 6 months, a new analysis is carried out, without the customer needing to fill in the request form again.

How to apply for a credit card from Banco Itaú?

It is possible to request an Itaucard card from the website. Already on the bank’s websitejust choose which benefits are desired and which brand, so that Itau provides which cards are available.

From there, just fill out the request form and keep an eye on the email inbox to follow the confirmation message and the entire process until approval and the arrival of the card.

Having an Itaucard credit card can be a very rewarding decision, especially given all the benefits offered by each card. But, it never hurts to bear in mind that everyone who uses a credit card as part of their routine must have financial planning and a well-balanced shopping routine.

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