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Itaú credit card: how it works

Itaú is one of the banks most used by Brazilians, it is a favorite for the benefits, advantages and practicality that serve different audiences and their needs, one of its well-known products is the Itaú credit card, very easy to access and has several benefits . In this post, see how the Itaú credit card works.

What this article covers:

What is the Itaú credit card?

As mentioned above, Itaú credit card is one of the products that the bank has, Itaú has a large portfolio with dozens of types of credit card, Itaú Click Platinum, the best known and used for being an option that serves the popular income public.

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Ideally, the client should carefully analyze the available options that meet his needs and which one his profile matches.

How to apply for a credit card from Banco Itaú?

Applying for an Itaú credit card is very easy and without bureaucracy, the customer does not even need to be an account holder. To make the request, just enter the bank’s website and check which card option your income and profile fit.

How does the Itaú card work?

As there are many Itaú credit card options, it is difficult to choose a choice, isn’t it? Below we list some types of Itaú card that are most requested and how each one works:

  • Itaú Click: The most popular, it has no annual fee and the limit can reach up to R$ 10,000.00. It can also offer discounts on Espaço Itaú cinema and theater sessions.
  • Iti: No annual fee, automatic digital account opening, virtual card issued after approval,
  • Azul Itaú: 10% discount on Azul airline tickets, free annual fee with expenses from BRL 10,000.00 on the invoice
  • Latam PASS Itaú: Exchange of points for free annuity, payment of tickets in up to 10 installments without interest,
  • Credicard: Use immediately after approval, no annual fee,
  • Pão de Açúcar Mais: 20% discount on wines, cheeses and special beers, gold and platinum points for each real, one point.

Itaú has more than 50 types of credit card, the complete list can be found on the bank’s own website, the cards mentioned above are the most issued and sought after by the public.

How to get pre-approved limit in Itaú?

For new customers, it is necessary to go to an Itaú branch, with your documents and proof of income and ask to speak with the manager. be done through the Itaú application or even at an ATM.

How to get a pre-approved limit on Itaú

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Among so many options, you will definitely find one that best suits your profile and needs, having a good credit card can facilitate your purchases and help you in emergencies, even more so if it is an Itaú credit card.

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