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Itatiaia Kitchen – Prices and models

Sometimes, some rooms in the house need changes, either for aesthetic reasons or for functional reasons, which always make the place more cheerful and modern. One of the rooms that most need a good structure is the kitchen, because it is in this place that meals are prepared for family moments. For those who want to give a makeover to one of the places where delicious recipes are made or who are furnishing their first kitchen, choose the Itatiaia custom kitchens🇧🇷

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Itatiaia Kitchen – Prices and models

Since 1964, the company has been manufacturing furniture for Brazilian families to enjoy good times in the kitchen, as it has always made products of great quality and style, always bringing innovation and charm. Itatiaia is one of the market leaders when it comes to kitchen furnitureso there is no doubt that the brand offers the best products.

Kitchen from the Anita Itatiaia line (Photo: Disclosure)

Itatiaia produces different models, with steel and wood as an option. In models with steel material, the Itanew, Lotus, Stilo, Anita, Anita Max, Premium, Criativa and Classic lines are found. The wooden models can be found in the Dakar, Futura, Linea, Kit Primor, Suprema and Tecno lines.

Tecno Itatiaia Line (Photo: Disclosure)

At Anita line kitchens brings greater practicality without leaving beauty and charm aside. The Creative line is in harmony with colors and shapes. The Linea line brings more space to your kitchen with a very unique charm.

In 2012, the company launched three lines with wooden models, namely: the Allegro line, which brings more modernity to everyday life; Vivace that values ​​the design of the environment leaving an extra touch; and the Aria line that brings innovation to the smallest details.

One kitchenette Itatiaia Smart Bianca with three pieces is with one price of R$399 and can be found at Casas Bahia stores. At Ponto Frio you will find this same model plus the Itatiaia Smart Bianca counter for the price of R$899.90. In both stores the kitchen is white/green. The same model in white/black is priced at R$399.90 at Ponto Frio. For more information visit the websites:

Linea Line (Photo: Publicity)

If you do not want to buy a complete kitchen, individual parts can be found on the websites, such as counters and cabinets.

Itatiaia kitchen models and prices – Where to find

The kitchen is one of the rooms that we like the most, who has never dreamed of having that dream kitchen? Talking to the wind that when you have ‘The Kitchen’ you will make the best recipes from the most renowned chefs? With Itatiaia kitchens the pleasure of cooking increases, along with the desire to unite friends and family with comfort, quality and style. All these qualities for an affordable and lasting price. Don’t waste time, set up your kitchen now with the Itatiaia line.


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