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Itatiaia Kitchen Furniture

You Móveis Itatiaia kitchen are highly demanded in the market, this happens due to the quality and guarantee offered by the products. Decorating your home is not an easy task, but with the catalog of options provided by Itatiaia, you can improve the appearance of all areas of your home.

Itatiaia Kitchen Furniture. (Photo: Disclosure)

The kitchen is an area that requires style and good structure, with Itatiaia furniture it becomes possible to create a pleasant environment. Items such as cabinets, tables and counters make up the brand’s catalog of options. Customers can choose a simple or modular kitchen, made of wood or steel.

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Móveis Itatiaia kitchen

Itatiaia has stood out in the furniture market thanks to its models of planned kitchens. The furniture developed by the company is responsible for making the environment more organized and functional, in addition to taking advantage of the available space in the best possible way.

By looking at Itatiaia’s catalogue, you can find the best furniture for your kitchen. In a house where a large family lives, for example, it is recommended to choose a planned closet with more divisions. Itatiaia manages to satisfy this and many other needs, according to the needs of the residents.

There are kitchen models to satisfy all needs. (Photo: Disclosure)

The Itatiaia kitchen models vary in terms of colors, materials and elements listed. The consumer can customize his project the way he prefers, including or removing modules. In any case, the brand’s furniture leaves the room with a modern and sophisticated look.

The time has come to innovate kitchen design and conquer a modern environment in your home. The quality attested by Itatiaia surpasses all competing manufacturers. Check out some of the models below. Itatiaia kitchen furniture🇧🇷

Luminous Kitchen

Luminous Kitchen. (Photo: Disclosure)

Cozinha Lúmina is one of the highlights of the Itatiaia catalogue. This model, made of wood, consists of an overhead cabinet with a niche and a glass door, a pan with two drawers and a cabinet with a hinged door.

yellow kitchen

Yellow Kitchen. (Photo: Disclosure)

The Amare wooden kitchen has a modern and minimalist design, consisting of a wall cabinet, a hot tower for ovens and an overhead cabinet. If necessary, it is possible to combine more niches with the structure.

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Aurora Essential Kitchen

Aurora Essential Kitchen. (Photo: Disclosure)

Essencial Aurora is a planned steel kitchen, consisting of a pot with space for the oven, well-distributed shelves and an overhead cabinet with glass doors. You can also purchase the sink cabinet.

Luce kitchen

Kitchen Luce. (Photo: Disclosure)

The Luce kitchen is made up of simple and modern furniture, which makes the environment more beautiful and organized. There is a cupboard, a pan and a niche in the wall.

About Itatiaia

Itatiaia is one of the main kitchen furniture manufacturers. (Photo: Disclosure)

Itatiaia stands out as the largest kitchen manufacturer in the country. The brand was created in 1964 by Lincoln Rodrigues Costa. Since the beginning of its history, the company has sought to develop quality furniture at affordable prices. Today, there are more than 18,000 points of sale across the country and abroad.

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