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Itatí Cantoral poses with a risky high-waisted swimsuit and reveals her statuesque silhouette at 47 years of age

Itatí Cantoral attracted all eyes with a series of photographs in which he appeared posing in a risky high-waisted swimsuit with which he once again revealed the statuesque silhouette that he maintains at 47 years of age, where he also demonstrated that love for his work is the secret to looking radiant and spectacular.

There is no doubt that the soap opera town is going through one of the best stages of its life, because in addition to the professional success it has achieved in more than three decades of artistic career, it has the love of its children, Roberto and José Eduardo, product of his relationship with the also actor Eduardo Santamarina; as well as María Itatí, his youngest daughter.

But currently, she is not only recognized for her talent in cinema, theatrical stages and the television screen, as she has also shown that at 47 she enjoys a dazzling beauty. Proof of this was the series of photographs that she shared with nearly 3 million Instagram followers.

And it is that the star of soap operas like ‘Muchachitas’, ‘María la del Barrio’ and ‘La mexicana y el güero’, to mention just a few, exposed her beauty posing with a risky swimsuit One piece with a high waist in black, with which she ended up causing a stir by showing her curves shamelessly.

Along with the message: “The only way to do a great job is to love what you do,” the Mexican actress managed to capture wholesale glances, because in a few hours the publication exceeded 100,000 heart-shaped reactions, as well as thousands of messages in which celebrities such as Lucero, Andrea Legarreta, Eugenia Cauduro and Grettell Valdez, among others, expressed admiration for looking like a true goddess in front of the camera.

However, on this occasion he also divided opinions, since there was no shortage of detractors who assured that the images have excessive filters and Photoshop, because although Itatí is one of the most beautiful celebrities, this time they went too far.

“The photos are very false, you are beautiful naturally”, “Yes, she looks very good for her age. But the photo is too arranged”, “I have seen you several times and you are not like that”, “Everything is fine but do not exaggerate with the filter”, “A lot of Photoshop”, “How beautiful, the filter is superfluous, we all use it but they went too far ”, “She is beautiful but there is a lot of filter”, “With a filter we are all beautiful”, are just some comments that were sent to her.

Shortly before, the also singer surprised her fans posing with a sensual translucent dress with which he exposed his minimal underwear.

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