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Italian Serie B player drank a beer after leaving the exchange and drove the fans crazy

Joel Pohjanpalo celebrating a goal with Finland.

Photo: RONI REKOMAA/Lehtikuva/ / AFP / Getty Images

Finnish footballer Joel Pohjanpalo made the fans go crazy during a Serie B match between Venezia FC and SPAL, as his coach replaced him with 10 minutes remaining when he decided to go to the stands and look for a beer to drink.

Before making his way to the substitute bench, the 28-year-old footballer made a technical stop in a sector of the stadium stands at the foot of the field and was seen leaving with a plastic glass full of beer.

This fact was made known thanks to a video that spread like wildfire on different social networks. The daring, the security and the curious of the image moved the fans present and they ended up applauding and haranguing the player.

In the clip you can see that once he removed the drink, Pohjanpalo answered the call of a fan in the stands with whom he took a selfie.

Precisely in that match, Joel was a figure thanks to the two assists that he served to his teammates Tessann and Pierini, which led to scores that helped them win the match.

Pohjanpalo was born in Helsinki, Finland. And although he is now a second division player, he is one of the top figures of Venezia FC. Much of his career was spent in Germany after coming out of the HJK Helsinki youth system.

He went through clubs like Hamburg, Unión Berlin and Bayer Leverkusen. He is little known to many, but he can boast of being an international with Finland and having scored a goal against Denmark in the last Euro 2020 Cup.

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