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Italian party decor: tips

Brazil is one of the countries with the largest number of Italian descendants. This reality makes Brazilians have an affinity with Italian cuisine, music and art. One way to appreciate Italian culture up close is by promoting a themed party🇧🇷

The Italian party is a guarantee of fun for friends and family. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Italian party: ideas for decoration

THE italian party It’s a great option to celebrate a birthday, get the family together or get together with friends. In addition to having the delicious typical food, it also deserves a decoration planned in the smallest details.

Check below some tips for decorating the italian party🇧🇷

• Decoration can include some elements that exalt Italian culture or even the country’s geography. Among the elements that are welcome, it is worth mentioning the grape vines, Italian breads, pasta and pizzas;

• The Italian party must value the green, white and red colors🇧🇷 They make reference to the flag of Italy;

• The party environment can simulate a italian canteenabusing the themed tables and ornaments;

• The tablecloths printed with white and red squares serve to cover the tables. They bring to the event the charm of traditional Italian restaurants;

It is possible to customize the Italian party in different ways. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Embellishments that explore the cheetah print are also welcome to party decoration;

• Some accessories contribute to the italian party atmosphereas is the case with decorative ribbons on the ceiling and helium balloons;

• The centerpiece can be made with green and purple grapes;

• A large table must be set aside to place traditional Italian dishes, ie gnocchi, ravioli, capeletti, cannelloni, lasagna and pasta in general;

• The walls of the party venue can have images of the main tourist attractions in Italy, such as the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Salustian Obelisk and Castel Sant’Angelo. The main cities that serve as inspiration are Rome, Venice, Genoa, Milan, Florence and Naples;

Typical delicacies cannot be missing from the Italian feast. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Puffs in green, white and red can make the space more cozy;

• Flags of Italy hanging in the environment is also a way of thematizing with good taste and creativity;

• A blackboard marking what will be served at the Italian party is a great option to rescue the canteen atmosphere;

• O Italian Party themeknown as Mama Mia, can even be worked into a children’s birthday;

• If the organizers find it difficult to decorate the party, there is the possibility of visiting an Italian canteen in São Paulo and getting inspired.

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Italian party pictures

See below for a selection of italian party photos🇧🇷

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