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It was time! Crunchyroll lowers its prices in Latin America • ENTER.CO

When Crunchyroll announced that it would be merging with Funimation, many wondered what would happen to the streaming platform. Sure, paying the same for twice the content sounded like one of those win-win situations for premium users. And now the transition only gets better with Crunchyroll’s announcement to reduce its prices throughout Latin America.

“Earlier this year, we promised anime fans that we would deliver more value in a single subscription experience,” said Rahul Purini, president of Crunchyroll. “Since then, our team has expanded our catalog with more anime subtitled and dubbed in more languages ​​than ever before. Today, we are pleased to offer Crunchyroll Premium Memberships for select regions in local currency and at a new, lower price for both existing subscribers and new fans, as we continue to add more content to the service.”

For existing Crunchyroll users, the subscription price will start from the upload of your next billing cycle. This means that your next Crunchyroll payment will keep the current price, but after that you should see the price of the subscription adjust to the new rates. For example, if your next payment is on July 20, you will see that 17,900 pesos will be charged, but in August you should see the new rate of 14,900 pesos.

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These are some of the countries in Latin America that will see this price reduction:

– Colombia, Mega Fan is reduced from 17,900 to 14,900 pesos.

– Brazil, Mega Fan is reduced from 32.00 to 19.99 reais.

– Peru, Mega Fan is reduced from 21 to 19 soles.

– Ecuador, Mega Fan is reduced from 9.99 to 4.99 dollars.

– El Salvador, Mega Fan is reduced from 9.99 to 4.99 dollars.

– Bolivia, Mega Fan is reduced from 42 to 36 bolivianos.

– Belize, Mega Fan reduced from 9.99 to 10 Belize dollars.

– Guatemala, Mega Fan is reduced from 45 to 39 quetzals.

Although the price reduction may not seem significant, with the current diet of the stream (which translates to at least 4 platforms) any help for the pocket is appreciated. For example, in the case of Megafan it means 36,000 pesos less per year in Colombia.

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