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It transcends that Gerard Piqué is angry with Shakira for leaving with their children on an important date

Gerad Piqué has not lived with Shakira for months.

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The separation between the Colombian singer Shakira and the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué has been quick and apparently without complications, but as part of the divorce agreement it was stipulated that she she will take her two children from Spain to Miami, where she plans to reside.

A few days before this happens, the Spanish media have assured that Gerard is upset with her, since she chose a different date than the one agreed. In this sense, in the ‘Mamarazzis’ podcast, it was ensured that the pop star planned to leave the country between January 7 or 8.

According to the hosts of the broadcast, Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez, the interpreter of ‘La tortura’ has changed her mind about the date of her complete move, a situation that Piqué is supposedly not taking well at all, mainly because will have less time to spend with Milan and Sasha.

According to the hosts of the program, the custody agreement signed by the former athlete and the singer-songwriter states that she can take the minors to Florida after Three Kings Day, but It has transpired that the game could take place earlier than established.

Why Shakira is considering moving early has to do with the American school calendar, since in Spain Three Kings Day is a holiday and culturally very important for its citizens, therefore, the Spanish media assure that for this reason the former footballer is upset.

“Her children have always celebrated the tradition of Three Kings,” said the hosts of ‘Mamarazzis’. The hostesses of the segment indicated that in the agreement they reached, Shakira is with the children to celebrate Christmas, meanwhile, Gerard will spend New Years with them.

A few hours before Christmas Eve arrives, there is no position from either of the parents, so what is reported in the podcast is not entirely confirmed, but it is not ruled out that in the coming days one of the two parties will issue some statement to address the issue.

On November 8, the former soccer player, like the singer, issued a joint statement in which they reported that both had reached an agreement in which, according to them, it guarantees the well-being of the two minors. The former couple added that their only wish is that Milan and Sasha can grow in harmony and peace.

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