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IT leaders demand responsible AI according to new survey

Generative AI has gained increased priority among companies, but at the same time IT leaders have expressed concern about ethical issues surrounding the technology.

There is an ongoing race in the development of generative AI, where companies want to avoid falling behind. A report from Salesforce found that two out of three IT leaders plan to use AI more extensively in the next 18 months, while 33 percent consider the use of AI to be a top priority in the organization. Despite this, concerns about the technology and its consequences are common.

According to the report, many IT leaders are concerned that information generated by generative AI may be inaccurate, biased and contain hate speech. In addition, a majority of respondents believe that generative AI will increase organizations’ carbon footprint and that the technology poses a security risk and can be biased. This is underlined by the fact that 83 percent of respondents call for collaboration between companies and organizations to ensure that generative AI is used ethically.

The CEO of Salesforce Service Cloud, Clara Shih, comments on the report by pointing out that generative AI will change the way companies analyze data and automate processes, but that there are also risks and challenges with the technology.

– Regardless of how the technology is used, for example if you generate a tailored email, it is important that companies and organizations use it responsibly with workflows based on reliable data where humans are still involved, says Shih.

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