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Isi Vives, from “My Secret”, shows off her sexiest side by showing off her figure in a blue microbikini

isi lives plays the evil Natalia Ugarte in the telenovela “My secret”, but in real life she is a very happy girl; she took advantage of the end of the recordings of that melodrama to go to Acapulco and published in TikTok a video in which she shows off her sexy side, showing off her figure by wearing a blue micro bikini.

When she did not have calls, the beautiful Chilean actress traveled to beaches or exclusive resorts to relax; she so she let him see in photos that she shared in instagram that show her sitting on a cot; The message she wrote next to her images was: “A little getaway.”

Isi gets along very well with all of her co-stars (including her co-star macarena garcia), and published photos and videos that show her on different days of recordings; She also wrote an emotional text: “My Secret 🎬🎥 THANK YOU infinitely, what beautiful people, what a beautiful project, what a beautiful story, what a beautiful coincidence ❤️ they taught me so much… forever in my heart.”

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