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Is there an age to wear this or that? understand ageism

How many times have you heard or seen someone say that you are not old enough to wear this or that? Understand what ageism is.

What do fashion shows and advertising campaigns have in common? The vast majority feature groups of models and actors in the same age group, with few gray hairs or wrinkles. Ever heard of ageism?

Etarism describes discrimination associated with age, and has been revolutionizing the paradigm of fashion and beauty.

This concept refers to any type of age discrimination, involving stereotypes and prejudice against older people and others. Adults, teenagers and even children can also suffer from ageism.

Common to different industries, it particularly affects the fashion and beauty industry, by leaving out people from a certain age. In recent times, this industry has been redirecting its work to a small beauty minority.

From mostly defending thinness, to preferring young and attractive models, fashion and beauty mainly defend a legacy that is more geared towards youth.

Age groups that do not belong to this group are often diminished, and end up suffering negative consequences, from mental illness to isolation.

But are times changing?

The fight against ageism

beauty and age

A study by the AARP, formerly known as American Association of Retired Persons, revealed that women over the age of 50 contribute about $22 billion in annual sales to the beauty industry. This same study also showed that women seek to see more realism in advertisements, including aging.

In an industry that promotes eternal youth, and in which the older public is often left behind, how can these numbers be explained?

Yes, the industry is slowly changing and there is already a small but powerful group of beauty brands working to break down age barriers.

The notion of being eternally young has become obsolete for consumers and some brands now advocate that customers should celebrate their own skin, whether aging or having unique features.

The big LThe real In 2019, it partnered with Vogue magazine with the creation of an edition dedicated exclusively to women over 50. The magazine featured Jane Fonda on the cover, and encouraged every woman to celebrate her age. Together with Helen Mirren, Andie Macdowell and Céline Dion, the brand has created a make-up line The Age Perfectfrom moisturizing formulas for older skin.


Loréal Campaign

“Age is just a number and math has never been my strong point.”
Helen Mirren

Fashion for all ages, no ageism

Diversity in terms of skin color, gender and biotype is a constant struggle in our times, and age is no exception.

This season, a notable inclusivity and diversity resulted in several fashion shows that featured women of color, different bodies and models of all ages.


Daphne Selfe

The 87-year-old model leads the show at London Fashion Week

Today, it is possible to see an innovative movement in the industry, which is no longer just presenting faces just out of adolescence. Gray hair, expression lines and age signs were present in the fashion shows of major brands.

This season, several luxury brands sought out models that were all the rage in other eras. Model Christy Turlington, who marked the 90s, returned to the catwalks after 25 years away. Naomi Campbell, aged 51, walked for Burberry and Michael Kors and Helena Christensen, 52, walked the runway for Off-White.

It is a privilege to age in good health, and age should not determine what we wear. The world’s population follows this aging trend, and thus fashion and beauty will have to adapt and keep up.

The important thing is that you feel good about yourself, confident and happy above all else. Keep your personality and essence, and leave the standards aside!

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