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Is the Sim loan reliable?

The Sim loan is quite reliable and safe, according to reviews carried out on the internet, it has excellent customer service. In this sense, the Sim loan has positive rates, as it responds to complaints, offers solutions to various problems and still has a loyal public that would return to contract its services.

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What is Sim?

Sim, is a category that participates in the Santander group and aims to facilitate loan requests without too much bureaucracy, in addition to offering loans at good prices. The digital platform performs its services by verifying personalized proposals and profiles, in this way, its work is only done with individuals.

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Is the Sim loan reliable or not?

The Sim loan is reliable, as it has a transparent credit analysis with security and even provides verification of your information and data in order to offer the best proposal for you. Sim also maintains communication with its public in order to solve possible problems and respond to complaints.

How does this loan work?

With the intention of offering accessible means for those who need money urgently, Sim offers two categories of loans, unsecured and secured, which gives the customer more possibilities. To make it even simpler, the company carries out these processes through the app or the website.

If the loan proposal is approved, the deposit will be made within 48 hours in the account chosen by the person. There are three ways for the loan to be paid, debit from the current account, free only for Santander account holders, a slip, or a payment slip that will be sent to the given address.

To contract the loan services, it is necessary to access the platform through the website or through the sim app, free for iOS and Android. After this step, enter your CPF and then your cell phone, email, income, profession and address, after that, select the desired offer and carry out the simulation, then provide more information, inspect the vehicle and sign the contract in a digital way.

Attention, the entire process of contracting and verifying the Yes loan must be online.

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