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Is the Nubank card password the same as the application?

The Nubank card has a password consisting of 4 digits, but when accessing the bank application, the Nubank card password will be another, this time consisting of 8 digits.

Both passwords are chosen by the customer, but in times when we use passwords for practically everything, it is common to forget or confuse them. See some information that will help you get through this with your Nubank passwords.

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How does the Nubank app password work?

In the case of Nubank, we have an 8-digit password used to access the App. It takes one with 4 digits known as a Pin. This password is used to make purchases with the credit or debit card and operations through the app itself, such as Pix transfers.

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Both passwords are created by the user when registering personal information through the application.

How to make Nubank card password?

The Nubank card password consists of 4 digits (exclusively numbers) and is entirely up to the user. If the customer forgets the password he created at the time of registration, the procedure will be:

  • Open the application and click on the gear next to your name on the first screen. Once this is done, look for and click on ”Profile;
  • Click on ”Consult 4-digit password”;
  • Enter your App password and press ok;
  • The new 4-digit password will appear for you immediately.

In the case of the password used to access the app from Nubank, it is created with 8 alphanumeric digits, that is, a combination that contains letters and numbers mixed together. If for some reason you don’t remember it and can’t enter your application, just access it by typing your CPF and then looking for ”I forgot my password”.

Once this is done, the Nubank team will send you an email with a link to change your password.

Can I change the Nubank card and application password?

The Nubank credit and debit card password, consisting of 4 digits, cannot be changed, when following the procedure described above, the application will only be responsible for showing you its digits, if you have any problems with it, you will need to contact the bank.

Now, the Nubank app password is another context. You can change it as many times as you want, choose numbers and letters as you like.

Remember that passwords are an essential layer of protection to keep account hacks out of the question. They are the keys that prevent other people from accessing your account and your personal data. To improve your security, it’s better to avoid easy combinations like names or dates and avoid repetitions with passwords from other apps and social networks.

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