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Is the Ifood Card Machine a good option?

The new era of technology came with everything and payment methods become even more modern. With that, the Ifood card machine came up, which may surprise you.
Check out how the Ifood card machine works, if it’s worth it and what it’s for just below to find out if it’s the best option for your business.

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What is the Ifood Card Machine?

It is a card machine aimed at the public that works with delivery. Which greatly facilitates the billing of your service. It is a must for a business or service provider.

Does Ifood really have a card machine?

Yup. This Ifood card machine was developed with three options: Ifood Pocket, Ifood Fast and Ifood Ultra.

Ifood pocket is suitable for delivery people at Ifood, as the machine is compact and can be kept in your pocket, does not have a chip, uses 3G or 4G from your cell phone and sends the receipt via email or SMS. Accepts card brands: visa, mastercard, elo and banescard.

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Ifood fast and Ifood ultra can be for both individuals and companies. Both accept wi-fi, have chip and data package. One of the differences is that only Ifood ultra prints the receipt on the spot and does not need a cell phone, which makes it the most complete.

Ifood Fast works with card brands: visa, hypercard, mastercard, JCB, elo, banescard and aura. Ultra accepts all of the fast plus allele and VR benefits. All machines do not have contactless, that is, they do not accept payment by approximation of the card.

How does the iFood machine work?

When deciding which Ifood machine you want, fill in your details and complete your payment. All these steps are done on the official website. After making the payment, shipping is free and you will receive your Ifood card machine within 10 working days at your residence.

To use it, you need to register a bank account and prove that it is yours to use this service. Ifood does not charge rent for machines, it only discounts a specific percentage per sale.

Their rates are more affordable compared to most on the market today. For debit, this percentage is 1.88% and the money is released in two days (business days only). If you choose to use the Ifood digital account, this fee can be reduced to 1.49%, which is valid only for the first 6 months.

If it’s on credit, the rates go up a little. Credit in 1x without the Ifood digital account, the rate is 3.99% if you want to receive it in two days and if you receive it after 30 days, it drops to 2.99%. With the digital account, you get 1.99% with receipt in 2 days.
When paying in installments without an account, the same percentage as above plus the rate of 1.49% per installment remains.

How much is the iFood vending machine?

It is worth noting that, unfortunately, the Ifood pocket card machine is not yet available. THE ifood fast is worth 12 x R$9.90 and Ifood ultra 12 x R$24.90. This value matches the current price, it may change over time.

How to know if the iFood machine is original?

To be sure that the Ifood machine is original, only buy it on the company’s official website. Other places offering the same may be selling the fake machine.

If you work with delivery this is a great opportunity. Evaluate the conditions that the Ifood card machine offers and choose yours

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