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Is PicPay credit card worth it? See how it works!

With the evolution of digital media, many banks that only exist online have emerged, such as Nubank or Picpay and this has meant that there has been a significant change in how we know bank branches. Which made many options on the market even better than the physical ones.

One of these banks that brought a lot of modernity is picpay, which made the technologies used change considerably, in addition to offering credit cards in a much simpler and even easier way compared to other well-known banks in the digital environment.

What this article covers:

What is the Picpay Card?

The Picpay card is a card that has the credit and debit functions of the digital bank, and it can be used both nationally and internationally with the flag MasterCard?? He has zero annuity and monthly fee, which is very advantageous for those who don’t want commitments.

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At the time of the request, it is already possible to understand whether you can have a debit card only, or the credit function active. And this will depend on some factors that the bank uses to determine this issue.

How much does PicPay limit on your credit card?

The value that Picpay gives as a limit on your credit card will depend a lot on the analyzes that the bank itself does in relation to your name. From customer reports, he usually gives amounts like R$500 at the beginning to understand his payments before increasing.

The bank’s analyzes will depend a lot on your CPF, because it will check your serasa score to see if you are a good payer, and according to this answer it will give the limit value equivalent to what it imagines to be the enough for your pocket.

Is it good to have the PicPay card?

Because Picpay is an excellent technological bank, the card becomes even more advantageous for anyone who wants credit. This is because in the application itself it is possible to use the card for everything, even for installment payments, which is very interesting.

How to apply for the Picpay credit card?

To apply for the card is very simple, just download the application on your cell phone, register, and right at the beginning you can find the option to apply for the credit card without bureaucracy and with a very quick response.

Picpay is currently widely used for its technological options that give us freedom in relation to many issues. And that makes the bank one of the best currently to apply for a card.

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