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Is Minuto Seguros reliable or not?

In an increasingly dangerous world, insurance is becoming more and more common. Insurance is the best way to ensure that you won’t be completely harmed if you have a problem. However, it’s not uncommon to hear stories about fraudulent insurance and people being scammed by insurance scams, so it’s natural that in the midst of all this, people are suspicious of even honest companies. Minuto Seguros is an insurance company that has the differential of serving completely online, but is it reliable?

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What is Minuto Seguros?

Minuto Seguros is a brokerage that represents several other insurance companies and is entirely online. The company offers a wide variety of insurance for all types of needs and according to your profile, these are insurance from renowned companies, respected, and all over the Internet.

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Is Minuto Seguros reliable?

But after all, is Minuto Seguros reliable? The answer is a big yes, Minuto Seguros is reliable. The company acts seriously in the business, it is considered the largest online brokerage in Brazil. On the Reclame Aqui website, the company’s score is 8.6, with 100% of the complaints answered and the company having already received the Award Complain here in the Online Insurance category in 2014 and has been a finalist in several other years.

What services does Minuto offer?

The services are safe for more diverse purposes. It offers personalized online service, 16 different insurers that are among the largest insurers in Brazil, quick quotes, with around 2 and a half decades of experience in the market and, of course, a great evaluation by the users, who leave no doubt about the quality of the service provided by the broker.

We hope that from the information provided here you have seen how Minuto Seguros is reliable and not only that, but provides a great service and exceptional care. If you are in need of insurance and want practicality and speed, do not think twice, look for Minuto Seguros.

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