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is it worth it or not?

The famous orange card won the hearts of many people, but is the Inter credit card really a good option for your pocket?

In this article, you can see all the pros and cons of acquiring a card at this bank. Read carefully to find out if it’s for you!

What this article covers:

How is the Inter credit card?

It is a simple orange card with the mastercard flag. It provides the contactless payment system, comes with your name written on the front and the other information on the back.

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What is the Inter credit card used for?

It serves you to make purchases on the internet or in physical stores. The bank offers a limit for you to use and you pay the invoice the following month. It is perfect for those who want to pay in installments and have more time to pay.

Is it difficult to get an Inter credit card?

Not. To obtain the Inter credit card, you must have a digital account. Which can be created through the bank application or through the website on the computer.

When filling out all the information on the form, it takes an average of 48 hours to know if your request has been accepted or not. After approval, your card arrives at your residence in 15 days.

It is difficult to get the Inter credit card

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As soon as they grant access to your account, you can request the credit function. This option is located in the application on the home page under the “cards” icon, click on it and look for “request credit function”.

If you do not have a pre-approved limit, a form will appear to be filled out with some financial information. This part is optional, if you don’t want to fill it out, just continue and press “request” to complete. Now, just wait for a period of seven days to receive the answer.

Is it worth having the Inter credit card?

Yup. The features it offers account holders are incredible and very beneficial in many ways. Check below all the pros and cons of having an Inter credit card.


The good side of applying for an Inter credit card starts the moment it is approved. When logging in through the app, you see several icons and each of them has a function. The card shows how much you’ve already spent on your card, limit adjustment and the amount of your next invoices.

It has cashback for partner stores, does not have any type of fee, makes it possible to take out real estate financing and participate in a consortium. It is so complete that you can make national and international investments (fixed income, variable income and others); apply for different types of insurance, health plans and more.

Even the Inter bank machine for those who work in sales can be ordered through the app. In a single card you have the debit and credit function, and both work internationally.

The best known is the orange card (the most basic), but there are others, such as Gold, Platinum and Black. But to migrate from orange to another, it is necessary to meet the requirements regarding monthly income and expenses.


It does not yet have a points program. This is the cons that impacts the comparison with other financial institutions. Other cards have points programs that allow you to exchange for products, miles and even receive cashback??

It is a card with many advantages, and it can be perfect for you who want to obtain many benefits without having to pay additional fees for the services that are provided.

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