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is it worth it or not?

The PicPay PRO digital wallet is a service that is on the rise in Brazil and worldwide. Unlike a digital account, this financial tool is even more accessible and free of bureaucracy and fixed fees. It works as an option to pay and receive money, but without access to more traditional banking options. In the face of this, do you want to know if the PicPay PRO Digital Wallet is worth it or not? Check it out below!

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What is PicPay PRO?

This is the digital wallet of the Brazilian startup PicPay, one of the main ones in the segment in the country. Its main objective is to receive and make payments, the same seen in other competitors.

The service offered by the PicPay digital wallet is 100% online, available through the application for devices using Android and IOS operating systems. The operation is simple, intuitive and accepts the registration of bank accounts or credit cards in its database.

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The PRO service is aimed primarily at entrepreneurs. In this model, no annuity or other fixed fees are charged, only the value of sales made. Transactions made through the digital wallet are carried out from cell phone to cell phone, between customer and seller. For this, both need to have brand accounts and app installed.

In addition to the PRO service, the PicPay still offers, especially for those who work with physical stores and high demand and sales volumes, the Empresas solution. In this alternative, which is subject to cadastral analysis, for a fixed fee, your business will be visible in the list of registered stores and PicPay partners. But not only that! With this alternative, the customer can make purchases directly through the application, without the need to go through the cashier.

Is it worth opening the PicPay PRO digital wallet?

The PicPay PRO digital wallet is especially worthwhile for those who own a business. With the popularization of digital wallets in the country, especially during the pandemic period, offering this payment method is a way to innovate and not fall behind according to market trends.

It is worth opening the PicPay PRO digital wallet

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However, like any service, the PicPay PRO digital wallet has its positives and negatives. It is worth analyzing them and finding out if it is really worth opening an account with the company. Check out the pros and cons below:


PicPay offers great support for PRO service contractors, including options to boost this offer and achieve even more benefits for the company and customers.
The main benefit is the convenience of paying and receiving via cell phone, quickly and securely. This is the flagship of the Brazilian startup. The PRO service, which is special for property owners, is free of flat fees. The business owner only pays the tax on sales made, a total of 1.99%. In addition, it is not limited to the BRL 800.00 of transactions per user imposed by the startup.

For cases such as delivery, remote payment is available to service users. And for physical store owners, PicPay has the Empresas plan. Adherence to this model provides greater visibility and credibility to the business, which is available in the list of partners in the application.


PicPay has an excellent service, with few negative points about its operation. In this specific case, regarding the PicPay PRO digital wallet, one drawback is its restricted access to entrepreneurs and people with medium to large businesses, preferably. The exclusivity of the service, which can only be carried out among users of the brand, is a negative point, but it is also seen in the main competitors in the market.

How to create the PicPay PRO digital wallet?

To create your PicPay PRO digital wallet, just install the application and register. Soon after, in the system menu, just select the PRO option. In this process, it is necessary to register a bank account with the CPF compatible with what was informed when creating the profile. To participate in PicPay Empresas, the process is similar, but it is necessary to undergo a registration analysis.

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