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Is it possible to transfer the INSS benefit to another bank?

Did you know that it is possible to transfer the INSS benefit to another bank? This is a practice little known by most people who use the INSS benefit. Everything in relation to this institution is generally very bureaucratic, which is why many people find it impossible to transfer their benefit to another bank.

But many times we need to receive our benefit at another institution, either for convenience or for some other benefit that we can enjoy by transferring the INSS benefit to another chosen bank.

So, whatever your case, learn in the article below how we can transfer the INSS benefit to another bank. Check out!

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How to transfer INSS benefits to another bank?

Due to the high bureaucracy of the INSS, something completely justifiable even for the safety of retired elderly people, many people think that they cannot transfer their INSS benefit to another bank, being trapped in an institution that does not serve them as it could be served.

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But know that the INSS benefit can be transferred to another bank normally! This is a possibility and you just need to go to the new agency where you want to receive your benefit, with your INSS benefit number and a photo ID. It is also necessary to bring your beneficiary password.

If you are an INSS pensioner or retiree, use the INSS application on your smartphone, it is also possible to request it there. Let’s learn how:

  • Open the INSS application and log in;
  • Select the Scheduling/Application option;
  • Click on the New Application option;
  • A search box will open, type “payment” and then search;
  • Then select the option Change Location/Method of Payment;
  • Put all the details of the new account in which you want to receive your benefit;
  • Go ahead and complete the order.

By following these steps, you will have changed the bank where you receive your INSS benefit payment.

Which banks can transfer INSS benefits?

Know that you can choose any bank to transfer your INSS benefit payment. Any traditional financial institution can receive these benefits and serve as your main account and where you will periodically receive your INSS.

How to choose the best bank to transfer INSS benefits?

Nowadays there are several banks fighting for their market share and trying to captivate more and more customers. This dispute ends up leaving the scenario quite “polluted”, full of options, which can cause tremendous confusion about how to choose the ideal bank for you.

Unfortunately, a better bank than all the others does not exist, and the only thing we can do is study which ones offer the most benefits to each of us individually, which ones seem to best meet our needs and tastes.

How to choose the best bank to transfer INSS benefits

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There are some tips for which banks retirees can turn to to receive the best benefits, such as looking for banks that offer payroll loans with good rates. Payroll loans are deducted directly from the INSS payroll, which is ideal for those who do not want the headache and bureaucracy of paying installment by installment.

There are banks in the market that also offer special medical plans for retirees, providing more security and providing more health care for their retired customers. Another much sought-after differential are banks that offer special credit cards for INSS retirees and pensioners.

Specialty credit cards for retirees often offer free annual fees, special discounts, and other perks. Search carefully and choose the best bank to transfer your INSS benefits.

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