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Is it possible to negotiate accumulated debts in the pandemic?

About 62.5 million Brazilians ended up in debt due to the coronavirus pandemic, but even with so many outstanding debts there is the possibility of negotiating them, so that it is good for both sides.

Companies affiliated with Serasa often send e-mails to the people who need them, with interesting proposals for agreements. For example, amounts that reached R$ 880.00 can have a big discount and drop to R$ 278.00 or even less, it varies from proposal to proposal.

It is possible to negotiate your debts as long as you know how, see below how.

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How to negotiate accumulated debts?

The main factor for negotiating debts is not to accept proposals with installments, at no time should you pay in installments because it will be even more complicated to get out of this snowball, although that is what companies really want.

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Whenever you decide to pay a debt X, check the amount and if it fits in your budget for the month and if it fits, make the payment in cash because installments cannot be paid, if for some reason you do not have enough money, and the debt will continue to exist. The money saved up to that point will have been wasted, so pay in cash!

From the moment all debts are negotiated, companies have up to 5 business days to remove the name from the SPC/Serasa.

What about debts that have existed for more than five years?

These debts simply… They expire if they are not paid within this five-year period, but that does not mean that it has been eliminated, just that it is invisible in the SPC/Serasa and will continue to be charged.

It may be that the values ​​have decreased even more, since the companies want to receive and favor the customer, exactly the one who will be able to return to the store that had a dirty name to make a new card.

The danger of stores is only in the credit card, which contains a multitude of interest and unnecessary fees, which need to be paid every month. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid at all costs being caught by employees who ask the main question: “Are we going to make the store card?” Flee immediately.

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