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Is it necessary to take theoretical classes to get a driver’s license?

One of many people’s dreams is to get their driver’s license, which can be a roller coaster of feelings, happiness and anxiety go hand in hand.

However, despite the dream of driving your own vehicle one day, the process is very bureaucratic and expensive. Exams range from psychotechnical to the well-known practical test. Among these, there is the theoretical class exam, where the candidate proves his knowledge of traffic and only after approval, can he go to the practical class.

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What is the theoretical class?

The theoretical class is a mandatory process for issuing the qualification of any class. Usually driving schools already offer this service in their packages, but the student can take the course at any qualified institution. The theoretical class course covers all traffic rules and consequences, such as traffic laws, rights and customs.

What is a theoretical class for?

It is common that the greatest curiosity during the qualification process are the practical classes, where the student can finally get to know the vehicle and drive it.

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But, the most important process to obtain your driver’s license is certainly the theoretical class, where the student will understand how to interpret license plates, lanes and how to behave in the vehicle safely. This content, as well as its obligation, were created to reduce traffic violations. Since despite being qualified and knowing how to drive their vehicles, many drivers break laws and some don’t even know the speed limits where they travel.

What is included in a theory class?

To prevent the student from leaving unprepared for the streets, the theoretical class course seeks to encompass everything that involves traffic laws and their customs. In the mandatory content, the student will have 18 hours of Legislation, 16 hours of Defensive Driving, 4 hours of First Aid, 4 hours of Environment and 3 hours of Mechanics.

Is it necessary to take theoretical classes to get a driver’s license?

At the moment, Bill 4474/20 is passing through Congress, which proposes to end the obligation of driving schools for qualification, but this does not mean that the candidate will no longer need to take the theoretical class exam or study its content, he will only be free to take it it at a driving school or CFC (Driving Training Center), having access to the content of the test for free, just taking the test when you feel ready.

It is necessary to take theoretical classes to obtain a driver's license

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However, the project has not yet been approved and for now it is mandatory to take theoretical classes in driving schools or CFC and to take the final exam and thus obtain your driver’s license.

How do I book a theory class exam?

After finishing the theoretical class and in the simulator, the student or his driving school will be able to schedule the theoretical exam. The place and form of scheduling may vary from your region, in São Paulo it is possible to schedule directly through DMV website and payment of the fee.

Normally, the driving school already includes the fee and transportation to the exam location in the package, but the student can do it separately. In addition, the Detran provides both on the website and by application, a simulator of the test with the real questions of the exam.

The approved student will be able to proceed to the practical classes and if he is not approved, it is possible to reschedule a new attempt through the website.

How much does a theory class exam cost?

The Detran clarifies on its website that it is not possible to qualify for free, all registration and rescheduling fees must be paid. The only case for gratuity would be for a 2nd copy of the driver’s license and only in specific cases.

For payment only of the theoretical class exam directly at the Detran, the cost is R$43.96, this value can be higher in a driving school, taking into account the convenience of booking and transportation to the exam location. Other fees and scheduling may be checked here??

What is the passing score for a theory test?

Like any exam, the anxiety to pass can be uncontrollable. Even studying and performing the simulations thousands of times, passing can be difficult. The Detran stipulates that of the 30 questions at least 21 must be answered correctly. Remembering that in the application and website of the institution, it is possible to know the questions of the test and learn the right answers.

Even with so many challenges along the way, having your own driver’s license is a great feeling, but it comes with the great responsibility of owning a vehicle.

All processes, even if bureaucratic, are for the improvement of qualified drivers so that fewer accidents occur. Be a responsible driver for yourself and others, never drink and drive and always pay attention to traffic laws and everyone’s safety.

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