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Is it a good alternative between card machines?

Newly opened companies and entrepreneurs who want to provide better payment conditions for their customers, want to find the perfect card machine for their business.

Preferably with many benefits and low cost with fees. Still don’t know the PayGo machine? Read the information below and find out all about it.

What this article covers:

What is PayGo?

Company belonging to the group of C6 Bank?? It aims to simplify your payment method through the card machine.

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Is it worth having the PayGo card machine?

Your greatest curiosity must be “but what are the benefits of having this little machine?”. So I will explain below the pros and cons.


Five types of machines are available for you to choose from, PayGo mini considered portable) and PayGo machine (the most complete). It still has rates that are advantageous and accepts many flags. Accept credit and debit card.


When paying in installments, a fee of 1.99% per installment is added. It requires a bank account and difficult access to the price of PayGo machines. The PayGo mini machine needs to pair with the cell phone via bluetooth. The satisfaction rate for this service has reached 49.7% in recent months, according to PayGo itself. It still has high prices to buy the machine.

It is worth it?

If you need a wireless machine that has average rates and accepts most brands available, the answer is yes. It is worth it.

Who can use PayGo services?

Entrepreneurs, informal sellers and companies (small, medium and large) who wish to have a card machine to receive their payments.

Do I need a bank account to have PayGo?

Yup. It requires you to open an account to manage your payments.

What is the price of PayGo machines?

The new machines do not have affordable prices, I recommend that you contact the company’s attendants to find out. Now, they have a form that you fill out on their website to become a partner and a representative will contact you to talk about the machine.

What is the price of PayGo machines

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What are the PayGo fees?

The fee is 1.85%, for cash loans it varies from 3.29 to 3.89% (depending on the day you want to receive it) and for installment loans it varies from 3.29 to 3.89% (plus a fee of 1.99% in each installment).

Which flags does PayGo accept?

It accepts Hipercard, Mastercard, Hiper, Visa, Elo, American Express, Discovery, Banes card, Mais!, Sorocred, Union Pay, JCB, Cabal and Diners Club.

How does PayGo support work?

To access PayGo support, just call the call center or send a message on Whatsapp available on the website. That way, you will have a specific service for your situation. When calling, you need to have your CNPJ or CPF number at hand, as one of them will be requested.

What is the deadline for receiving the PayGo machine?

How long it takes for you to receive your payment depends on how much fee you want to pay. If you are going to receive it on a business day on your credit card, the rate tends to increase. But if you prefer to receive in 31 days, this rate decreases a little. Already in debit card will receive in one working day.

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