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Is IQ Option Reliable? Find out if it’s worth it!

You have certainly seen an IQ Option advertisement on your cell phone while using an application. This brokerage is one of the largest in the world, having internationally recognized certificates and awards. However, many users report problems with the platform and question its credibility, so the question remains: is IQ Option reliable?

What this article covers:

Getting to know IQ Option

IQ Option is a binary options investment broker located on the island of Cyprus, Greece, founded in 2013 and already operates in more than two hundred countries around the globe.

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Binary options are a type of financial operation where platform users can choose from more than three hundred different assets to invest in. Currently, the tool is prohibited from operating in the Brazilian market, as well warned by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the CVM.

What functions does the IQ Option platform have?

IQ Option allows the user to invest in different commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies or other areas, and there is also a huge variety of strategies and indicators to be used in operations. Because it is a simpler model of financial operation, it tends to have a faster learning about how the platform works and the market as well.

The platform provides the option to deposit or withdraw funds from your account, customize your profile picture, change your data, request support via chat, see the summary of your open operations, the history of closed negotiations, market analysis and among many others. more things.

What is reverberating on IQ Option?

“But is IQ Option reliable?” Well, this is a very questionable point. The reputation of IQ Option is far from good. Despite being one of the most famous and used investment platforms in the world and having international certificates and awards, which would attest that the tool is reliable, the brokerage is known to also be a source of problems.

There are numerous complaints on the Internet from people who cannot withdraw the deposited money, who cannot use the money on the platform, that the support does not respond or help, among other things. Furthermore, the very idea of ​​binary options is considered by many to be a gamble, and in fact resembles one, where the gains are high and the losses are infinitely higher. Much of the magic and possibilities for financial gain created around the tool are the result of pure marketing, and are intended to attract laypeople in the area of ​​investments for a fall from which they may never be able to recover.

How to make money on IQ Option?

If you still think that IQ Option is really reliable and want to try your luck, you have only one option: study. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the platform, you need a deep understanding of the markets to succeed. Analyze the market trends well, try to focus only on one asset, and think about every move you will make.

How are the rates

IQ Option currently has five fees.

  • Withdrawal rate.
  • Spread.
  • Commissions.
  • Inactivity fee.
  • Swap fees.

Each rate refers to a different type of transaction or operation, with the value of each one varying according to the operation, volatility and among other aspects.

Despite the reports of many traders who claim they got rich through the platform and that IQ Option is reliable, the reviews of ordinary users are far from good, and there are numerous reports of people who have already lost large amounts of money in the pursuit of wealth through binary options , so think carefully where you will invest the fruit of your hard work

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