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Is Giga Ton better than Basic Ton or Mega Ton?

Ton Stone is already a successful brand, a company that helps more than 1 million professionals in Brazil with their businesses, however, within the very options that the company offers, Giga Ton, Basic Ton and Mega Ton, the customer who wants hiring their services can get confusing.

In view of this confusion, we came to clarify some points of the so-called “customer’s preferred plan”, the Giga Ton plan. It is one of the best modalities of the Ton Stone machines and we will try to explain why.

What this article covers:

What is Gigaton?

Giga Ton is one of the plans offered by Ton Stone, the other two are the Basic Ton and Mega Ton plan.

It is necessary to point out that there is a hierarchy of values ​​between the plans, in which the Basic Ton is the lowest, the Mega Ton is somewhat more expensive and the Giga Ton is the most expensive of them.

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However, on the company’s website there is information that Giga Ton is the customers’ favorite plan, and it is not by chance. Even when paying more for the plan, it offers lower fees, whether for cash purchases or installment purchases.

Including, the difference in value for purchases in installments on credit is much lower in the Giga Ton plan compared to the other two plans, Basic Ton and Mega Ton.

What are the benefits of Giga Ton?

One of the greatest strengths of the Giga Ton modality is its low fees for purchases, either with debit or credit purchases. These values ​​favor many customers who have something cool in their sales and tend to make many sales in installments on credit. Let’s materially understand what values ​​the Giga Ton plan works with.

Cheap credit rate

On purchases made using the cash credit feature, the Giga Ton plan offers a rate of 2.90% for Mastercard and Visa brands. Already for the elo flagsAmex and Hipercard rates are 4.09%.

installment credit rate

As for credit purchases in 12 installments, we have rates for Visa and Mastercard brands of 7.44%. For purchases in installments under the Elo, Amex and Hipercard flags, in 12 installments, we have a rate of 8.50%.

Is Giga Ton better than Basic Ton or Mega Ton?

Given all this information, it is necessary for the customer to consider what his needs are when choosing between the Basic Ton, Mega Ton and Giga Ton plans.

Giga Ton is better than Basic Ton or Mega Ton

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If the customer has a reasonable amount of sales, even if they are of little value, he may already be interested in the Giga Ton plan. Mainly installment purchases are sold.

But, for self-employed professionals who make sales with the machine only casually, and in sight, it might be even more favorable for him to think about the Basic Ton or Mega Ton modalities.

Do the prices of the machines differ from the Ton plans?

There is a difference between the values ​​of the Ton machines for the Giga Ton plan. The most basic, which requires cell phones, costs R$94.80. The T1 Chip Gigaton is worth BRL 166.80, the T2 BRL 178.90 and the T3 BRL 358.80. The machines can be paid in 12 installments.

When choosing your Ton machine plan, it is essential to evaluate your case, but in general, the Giga Ton plan is the most advantageous!

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