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Is Cazzu pregnant with Christian Nodal? The Mexican singer breaks the silence

The Mexican singer-songwriter Christian Nodal and his girlfriend, the Argentine trapper Julieta Cazzuchelli, better known to all as CazzuThey do not hesitate to show the great love they have for each other at the slightest opportunity, which has become increasingly evident as time goes by and their relationship is consolidated.

Since they began to be seen publicly, many rumors have emerged around the famous couple, this pair of celebrities who captivate millions have always come out to clarify them.

And so it happened again this week after the rumor about the possibility that Cazzu was pregnant began to spread like wildfire on social networks.

What triggered an intense controversy on the internet where Internet users began to speculate and refer to this theory.

However, it has been Christian Nodal himself who came out to publicly deny this rumor that intensified with the passing of the hours.

Given the commotion generated, it was the singer’s publicist, who, in the name of Nodal, came out to deny these rumors.

It was in a statement given to the magazine “People en Español” where he clarified that the couple is very much in love and enjoying a stable relationship, but without a baby on the way: “The couple is not expecting a baby, and at the moment they have a fairly stable relationship”reads the publication.

What sparked the Cazzu pregnancy rumor?

It all originated after both celebrities attended the “Premios Lo Nuestro 2023” award ceremony, held on Wednesday, February 23, and which brought together a cascade of celebrities and show business stars.

During this ceremony, in which both Cazzu and Nodal allowed themselves to be seen and photographed on the magenta carpet of the awards, apparently the singer made two gestures that were interpreted by fans as the revelation of special news.

According to speculation unleashed on social media, The interpreter of “We are no longer nor will we be” at that time had a couple of details with his girlfriend Cazzuwhich would have immediately triggered suspicions of pregnancy among those who were following the transmission of the event at that time or among those who attended the place.

Since in addition to the kisses and affectionate gestures that he had with Argentina, he asked to help him adjust the dress he was wearing and took her by the hand and belly on several occasions.

“How he hurries and worries about his tummy, that’s why I say there’s a baby” and “Could it be that Cazzu is pregnant? She puts her hand on her belly a lot“, were just some of the comments that users posted on different social networks.

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